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Ticoderoga 250: 2013 Commemorative Calendar

2013 Commemorative Calendar

Ticonderoga 250A Collector’s Calendar and Keepsake

For the many of us who enjoy reliving memories of the Town from the old days, turning the pages will be like walking down memory lane.

Half Price Sale

Was $10, NOW $5.00 Tax Included

 Available at the Hancock House Gift Shop

Calendar Sub-Committee

This calendar has been created by the Calendar Sub-Committee and is presented in good faith and is accurate to the best of our ability. We acknowledge the importance of “TICONDEROGA Patches and Patterns from its Past”, published by the Ticonderoga Historical Society, in our research.

Our thanks to Kama Ingleston of Crown Point Telephone Corporation for her invaluable assistance without which this calendar would not have become a reality.

Members are: Sylvia Boyce, Steve Boyce, Chris Breiseth, June Curtis, Bob Dedrick, Perry O’Neill, Rich Strum, and Chris Smith